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Cannabis Security Solutions

Triton Technologies is now the Commonwealth of Massachusett’s largest IT Services/Managed IT Provider for locally-owned Cannabis organizations.

Cannabis Security with Triton Technologies

Cannabis Security Plan

At Triton Technologies, we understand the huge importance of protecting your cannabis operations. Our comprehensive Cannabis Security Plan is designed to strengthen every aspect of your cannabis business. From cultivation to retail, we diligently cover every aspect to ensure that your assets, personnel, and reputation remain secured from potential threats. We make sure that our security measures align with industry regulations and your specific needs, guaranteeing compliance and peace of mind. With Triton’s Cannabis Security Plan, you’ll have a robust framework in place that not only meets stringent security requirements but also enhances the trust of your stakeholders in a rapidly evolving cannabis landscape.

Marijuana Dispensary Security

At Triton Technologies, our goal is to create a safe and trusted environment for our customers and staff with our Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary Security Solutions. Our tools are designed to address the security challenges faced by dispensaries in the cannabis industry.

We understand that each marijuana dispensary is unique, and so we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're a small dispensary or a large retail establishment, we have the expertise to design a security plan that fits.

Our advanced access control systems and technologies offer robust security for your dispensary — from entry points to surveillance cameras, we ensure to keep track of both your interior and exterior dispensary. Our proactive approach deters potential threats and ensures a safe shopping experience for your customers

Grow Facility Security

We understand the critical importance of protecting your valuable crops, data, and assets. Our comprehensive approach combines advanced surveillance technology, access control systems, and real-time monitoring to provide a robust security infrastructure. Trust Triton Technologies to empower your grow facility with the highest level of security, allowing you to focus on cultivation while we handle the protection of your investment

Cannabis Production and Cultivation

Our Cannabis Security Solution goes beyond traditional measures to ensure the smooth operations and protection of your cultivation facility. Through our cutting-edge surveillance, access control, and monitoring systems, we enable you to achieve optimal security and maintain compliance with industry regulations. We understand the unique requirements of cannabis production and thus deliver a security approach that mitigates risks and safeguards your crops at every stage.

cannabis manufacturing


From the seeds in the ground to harvesting, we have the always-on technology to help the secure your product, meet compliance regulations and to help in the monitoring of said product. With access controls, cameras, networking technology and more we can help secure your facility or farm to meet all laws and regulations.


Getting your product to market is now more complex than ever. With advanced manufacturing technologies you need advanced support, and Triton and deliver. Systems, networks and working with vendors helps you make the best product you can produce with our help.


Now that your product has arrived safely, how do you sell it? From safekeeping, point of sale systems, wireless and compliance solutions we can help your facility to meet and or exceed the laws in which it is legal. Like any business, you need a reliable, safe and secure system to sell your product and services, and with our solutions, you will.

Cannabis IT Support by Triton Technologies

Data Compliance for Cannabis Industry

With Cannabis authorities requiring more and more data protection, device management and technology reporting, Triton Technologies can help you deliver those reports timely, accurately and in compliance with for all reporting.

Networking Solutions for Cannabis Security

From plant to plant, door access, wifi, cameras, backups, cellular communications, vpn, data security and data aggregation, our services can help with your facility and retail location to be safe, secure and easy to use. We don't make technology hard to work it, we make it easy to make money.

Expert Cannabis Consulting Services

Gain years of expertise in a single meeting by discussing your plans and needs with our IT Professional Services Team. A Managed Services provider like Triton Technologies can give you perspectives no individual network, hardware, storage or software vendor will tell you. We are technology and vendor agnostic and look to provide you the best possible cost-effective solution for your particular operating environment. Click here to learn more.

Cloud Hosting Tailored for Cannabis Industry

We design and maintain the best solution for you, physical, virtual or a combination located at your sites, your vendors or our sites. Our rapidly scalable solution configured with backup and disaster recovery (BDR) capabilities typically lowers data storage/BDR costs by 18%-29%. Click here to learn more.

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring for Marijuana Security

We have invested over $1 million in monitoring and management tools that quickly identify the status of all your devices, network connections, and backup capabilities. We use our wide selection of tools to alert you and/or solve a problem. We also act as a “single source” that can own all of your problems and manage your vendors to a successful resolution of an issue. Advanced IT management tools in the hands of our expert staff get quicker results reducing the overall costs of outages and maintenance.

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Cannabis Operations

Let us evaluate your networking and storage alternatives and deliver you a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. We will not only consider backup solutions (relatively easy) but timely recovery solutions (much more difficult). From simple file recovery to site-level recovery, we outline a list of deployment, cloud storage and monitoring services working with the vendors you choose or our facilities. We understand the mobile and multi-location environments of cannabis organizations. Click here to learn more.

Applications Management in Cannabis Environments

Triton Technologies Managed Services manages many applications that are critical to daily operations within the cannabis industry. Our infrastructure can support a customized environment that won’t disrupt any of your operational systems while developing and testing.

24/7 Helpdesk and Support for Cannabis Technology Solutions

Our U.S. based Help Desk is staffed by a team of IT professionals that have attained some of the highest first level resolution (FLR) rates in the industry. Focus your IT team on producing and distributing cannabis and stop wasting time on “basic” Help Desk” support activities. Click here to learn more.

Other Industry-specific IT Services We Offer

Partner with experts in cannabis security solutions to address IT needs in manufacturing, distribution, and retail while complying with industry regulations.

Collaborate with industry leaders in energy and utility technology to optimize IT solutions and meet the evolving demands of the sector.

Our financial IT solutions provide cutting-edge technology and expert guidance to empower your institution.

Optimize your government operations and public service with our advanced IT solutions.

Transform healthcare delivery with our innovative IT solutions, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency

Enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency with our customized hospitality IT solutions.

Secure peace of mind with our innovative insurance IT solutions, tailored to protect what matters most.

Empower your legal practice with our specialized IT solutions, designed to enhance your firm’s efficiency and success.

Revolutionize your manufacturing processes with our advanced IT solutions, driving efficiency and innovation in production.

Partnering with non-profits, combining technology and empathy to drive positive change globally.”

We harness the potential of advanced IT solutions to streamline operations, drive growth, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Transforming transportation with our custom IT solutions for efficiency and connectivity.

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