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Triton Technologies & Ubiquiti

Triton Technologies has collaborated with Ubiquiti to offer advanced wireless network solutions and managed WiFi services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We understand that SMBs shouldn’t be burdened with exorbitant costs, such as spending $300 an hour on a CCNA-certified technician every time network adjustments are needed.


Our partnership with Ubiquiti brings top-tier network features and performance to SMBs without the hefty price tags associated with hardware and licensing. Ubiquiti’s signature design, seamless deployment, high-stability, and minimal maintenance requirements make them the perfect choice to recommend to our discerning clients. Your business deserves efficient, cost-effective, and reliable network solutions, and we’re here to deliver just that.

Ubiquiti Features

No Licensing Cost

Once you've made the purchase, it's yours to own and operate without recurring licensing expenses.

Easy Installation

With an industry-standard and compact design, our hardware kits make installation a breeze.

Cloud Management

Gain control effortlessly by logging into a single website to access and manage thousands of sites with just a few clicks.


Access points are budget-friendly, often priced below $100, providing exceptional value for your investment.

Versatile Accessories

Explore a wide range of accessible accessory devices, including external mounts, antennas, and more, to tailor your setup to your specific needs.

Simplified Technology

Our interface is designed for clarity and efficiency. No clutter, no ads, just intuitive menus and an easy-to-understand interface for straightforward network management.

Why Choose Our Wireless Network Installations & Services

Smart Network Optimization

Our systems harness the power of advanced technology to guarantee that your network consistently performs at its best. Bid farewell to network downtime and experience proactive maintenance and effortless optimization.

24/7 Security

Our 24/7 security measures provide you with peace of mind, safeguarding your data and devices around the clock. With real-time threat detection and rapid response protocols, your network stays protected from evolving cyber threats.

Multiple Device Connectivity

Connectivity should never be a concern, regardless of the number of devices in use. Our wireless network solutions are designed to handle multiple device connections. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and IoT devices, you can trust that your network will stay reliable and responsive.


Being prepared for the unexpected is crucial. Our disaster-ready wireless network solutions are engineered to withstand and recover from unforeseen events. Whether it's a natural disaster or a network outage, our systems ensure minimal disruption, keeping your business operations running smoothly.

Wireless Network Services We Offer

Managed WiFi as a Service

Experience uninterrupted connectivity without the hassle of managing your network. Our Managed WiFi as a Service takes care of everything – from installation to ongoing maintenance. Focus on your business while we ensure your WiFi network runs smoothly.

Access Point Installations, Upgrades & Maintenance

Our IT experts will strategically install, upgrade, and maintain access points according to your specific needs. Whether you’re expanding your network, improving coverage, or enhancing performance, we have you fully covered.

Network Optimization

Maximize your network’s potential with our optimization services. We fine-tune every aspect to ensure peak performance.

Guest Wi-Fi Solutions

Improve guest experience with secure and user-friendly guest WiFi solutions. Whether you’re a business, hotel, or public venue, we provide guest WiFi services that keep your guests connected and satisfied.

Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Rest easy knowing our network monitoring is always on guard. We identify issues before they disrupt your operations and provide swift troubleshooting when needed. Your network’s reliability is our top priority.

Other IT Support Services We Offer

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Managed performance and security on all of your IT systems.
IT infrastructure continuously measured against specified service and performance levels.
Get scalable and competitively priced hosted phone systems designed for your business.
From find your IT needs to IT projects, get consultations from our skilled technicians.
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