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All The Hats We Wear - June 2020

Scott Snow interviewed Trave Harmon on the challenges of a business owner, what we do from day to day and what struggles we face. Check it out. 

all the hats we wear podcast

Realtor Association of Central Mass -
Security in the real estate industry.

Frank talk about security and information security within the real estate industry and how to protect yourself.

The Real Deal Business Podcast - May 2020

The real deal podcast with Tony Chabot of Chatbot and Associates about business, real estate and cyber security. 


Worcester Business Journal - March 2020

In March 2020 Trave Harmon, CEO of Triton Technologies was featured in Worcester Business Journal about Cyber Attacks, how to prevent them, cannabis, and the nature of the internet for small businesses.


Worcester Business Journal - August 2015

All about VOIP and how it can help your business. With the rise of businesses wanting to be more dynamic, we discuss how hosted phone systems can help a business grow, stay resilient and save money.


Spectrum Communications

The Dos and Don’ts of Remote Workers.


Triton gives small businesses through Spectrum Communications information for the small business user. From the correct way to connect in, the proper internet speed and more.

Digital Guardian

Top information security considerations for manufacturers. What should they be doing, what to look out for and how to prepare for the worst. 

Spectrum Communications

5 Common Technology Mistakes Start-Ups Make


When you’re starting a new business, every penny counts. But as you’re selecting the technologies that you’ll be depending on to grow your company, a penny saved now could cost you a lot more in the long run.


Tel Cloud Technologies

8 IT Cost Cutting Mistakes you need to avoid.


Statement about what to cut, what not to cut and how it affects your business.

IT cost cutting mistakes to avoid

Metrc - Digital Security Concerns for Cannabis Owners

What dispensary, cultivation and production security concerns owners need to be aware of to be compliant.

SkillsBuild Training

What skills you should have and how to keep up on them.

Channel Futures

Desktop as a service and the growth opportunity that comes with having a dynamic desktop.

Channel Futures

Vendor finance options are changing in the cloud era as customers demand more flexibility.

Rasmussen College

7 Attractive Attributes of the Most Successful IT Managers

Managing other people is always a tricky task. Managers in any field need some serious skills in their utility belt if they want their teams to thrive. But for every story of an effective or inspiring manager, there seems to be ten stories of managers resented by their teams.

Illinois CPA Society



A peek inside some of Chicago’s most exclusive business clubs reveals a few good reasons why they’re the place to be for rising accounting and finance pros.


Information Week

What Boards and CEOs Should Be Asking CIOs


Boards and CEOs are more tech-savvy than they once were, but they still don’t always know the best questions to ask CIOs. With the push for digital transformation they need to be armed with the right questions at the right time.



Are Companies Checking Your Credit Score When You Apply? To Be Honest, Yes


Your credit score says a lot about you and that’s why many employers will include a credit check along with a background check.


Hewlett Packard enterprise
Digital skills gap: A new perspective on job recruitment

Has your need for technical expertise outgrown traditional methods of job recruitment? It’s time to get creative. Here are 5 strategies you may not have considered.


Readers Digest

12 Red Flags That Someone May Be Spying on Your Computer


CMS Wire

What Happens When Customer Support Works From Home?

Many customer service operations had to go from centralized to distributed operations with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shelter-in-place orders. Needless to say, the move presents a variety of challenges. We asked some customer service specialists and other executives about the challenges they’re seeing and the solutions to the problems.

Business News Daily

10 Hiring Tools Small Businesses Love


For small businesses, hiring the right talent is critical. It’s also a difficult and time-consuming process that can easily become problematic. When replacing a worker costs 16 to 20 percent of their annual salary on average, you can’t afford to get it wrong.
Luckily, the hiring process has not been immune to the proliferation of useful software and automation. These 10 hiring tools will help streamline your small business’s hiring process and increase your chances of finding the right candidate to fill your open positions.

Society for Human Resource Management

New York Cybersecurity Regulation Means Important Work for HR


To protect consumer data at financial institutions, New York enacted a regulation, in effect since March, requiring banks, insurers and certain other private-sector organizations to institute a series of cybersecurity controls by 2018. Through employee training and coordination with in-house or outside consultants, HR leaders will play an important role in assuring compliance.


Fighting Internet Crime: Protecting Your Small Business From Cyberattacks

Data breaches at major corporations like Yahoo, Equifax, Target and Sony Pictures may capture the big headlines, but small businesses also face significant financial, operational and reputational risks from cyberattacks.


Tips for Retaining Your Key Technology Talent


How hard is it to retain technology professionals? Ridiculously hard, especially with rival companies willing to pay premiums in order to steal away specialized talent. And it’s also ridiculously expensive: multiple studies report the cost of replacing an employee ranges from the equivalent of six to nine months’ salary. 

Hummingbird Networks

Why You Need Power Protection



Power protection is recommended in every computing environment due to the threats posed by power surges, brownouts and other power problems. If you can’t afford to lose your company’s data or equipment, you should consider an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution unit (PDU) or power strip, depending on the needs of your business.  

CB Nation

15 Entrepreneurs Share Business Lessons They’ve Learned In 2017




The start and ongoing of a business can be rewarding and exhausting at the same time. Running a business successfully encompasses learning from mistakes that happen along the way which in the end, helps your business to be more strategic and to get back on track. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners about the tough lessons they have learned in 2017.

Triton Technologies

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