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Cloud-Based Servers and Natural Disasters

It’s been a bad few weeks for businesses dealing with natural disasters.

Hurricane after hurricane rolled through many of our vendor’s facilities. Many of them were shut down, and tech-support was suspended while they got power and their services back up and running. Why is this important to this blog, even though we are based in the North East, and it hasn’t really affected us? Because it has and has not.

Moving to the Cloud, Last Minute

We work with companies throughout the United States. Many of our vendors took the proactive action of already having a vast majority of their services on multiple cloud-based data centers throughout the United States and the world. Their services never went down. Phones, email, monitoring services, Wi-Fi access management platforms, etc. were already cloud-based. A few were not. Those companies had to mad scramble to get their infrastructure which was hosted in-house onto a cloud-based platform. Over a period of a week, 2 of our vendors moved their entire enterprise to the cloud in order to service our account. In the event of a natural disaster.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

Well, you might say, that’s good! No, it is not because they were not proactive in their disaster plan. They had the foresight to see it coming, but there are many disasters that you cannot predict. Some of them are fire, flood, and more. What we are recommending to our clients that have in-house servers and in-house network infrastructure is to hybrid their network to a cloud. With many cloud platforms and a vast majority of our clients already running enterprise-grade firewalls, we recommend a hybrid cloud system that replicates their on-premise system.

Technology Makes It Easy to Backup to the Cloud.

Luckily for us, Microsoft makes it extremely easy to replicate their infrastructure to the cloud from any number of providers. With services such as DFS, NFS, and active directory share replication. It allows all the files to be instantly copied and accessed to a cloud-based server. In the event of a disaster where the facility is destroyed, the email, security, and infrastructure still remain in place and can be replicated elsewhere. Businesses that lose of this data tend to go out of business within a few years because they’re not able to recover their intellectual property. With cloud-based servers, it is always available. Want to learn more? Contact Triton Technologies today to learn more about your cloud-based options, and what your company needs to do.

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