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New Managed Software Service: Custom Machine Images

Custom images are now available.

Over the last couple of years, we have been improving our own internal infrastructure. With that comes great advantages to our clients. One such advantage is custom machine images. What am I talking about?

How Custom Machine Images Work

An image is a copy of the operating system at a point in time. This point of time can be multiple years old, fresh out of the box, or an optimized operating system to match your demands and needs. So if you’re a Triton Technologies client and you’re looking to have your very specific set of software installed, methodology, look and feel, and hardware, we can take an existing computer, image it and when a new computer needs to be put in place, restore that image to the new machine.

Making New Machine Installation a Breeze

This saves literally hours when setting up a new computer. The average time to install an image is 5 to 20 minutes instead of 5 to 20 hours. This saves our clients and us a tremendous amount of time when setting up workstations. We remove all of the manufacturing bloatware, install the most basic operating system and install our client’s software without any interference. This helps us install machines faster and easier than ever before. That means if you need to order 20 computers from us, all we need to do is put them on the bench, restore an image over the network and within a half-hour have a fully operational and ready to go machine with all of your favorite software waiting for you. If you are looking for such a service, please reach out to us. We are currently deploying it now as a generic image for all brand-new machines, and it has been 100% successful.

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