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Data Breaches and Dropbox

Dropbox over 4 years ago had a data breach which exposed over 86 million users to hackers. The hackers could have access to the passwords for the accounts, encrypted and unencrypted. We look at data breaches and Dropbox, namely their failure on handling it.


It was 4 years ago. They are just making available the data now. That is a massive breach of trust. 4 years of your personal data exposed to the world and you not knowing about it. Only in August 2016 did Dropbox make users aware of the data breach, but what was even worse is how they handled it.


How They Handled the Data Breach

In most data breach situations, they make the users aware almost immediately upon learning about it, force users to change their passwords and almost always there is another layer of security added to prevent it from happening again.

This time around, no such luck.


At best, Dropbox advised users to change their passwords, but did not require it. This is terribly bad. Not only did they delay in the discovery of the breach, their remedy does nothing to prevent a back door from being implemented and all the data stolen before you’re even aware.


Triton’s Recommendation: Change Your File Sharer

Many businesses and personal users rely on file sharing services like Dropbox to transfer files and be able to access them on the go. The copy or deletion of these files in a data breach can not only be a setback, but can also become a real liability for companies transferring client data.

You have to be able to trust the service you use.

That is why Triton Technologies can no longer recommend Dropbox for your individual file sharing and mobile needs.

We recommend a product called Share Sync. Share Sync has proven to us how safe, secure and compliant it is with industry standards and laws.  If you do use Dropbox, uninstall it and switch away. Contact us to learn more about our recommendation, and other secure services available through managed IT providers.

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