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Amazon AWS: Amazon Saves The Day

A Client in Need of a Solution

Triton Technologies does a lot of different kinds of business. Some logistics, medical, hospitality, government, military and more. So we are quite diverse on the types of clients that we work with.

We were asked about 3 months ago to install software for an oil distribution company on a new server, tablets and so forth.

The owner gave us the specs and balked. It was significantly more expensive than the person was willing to spend. That is where we came in.


Finding a Cost-Effective Alternative

The software company asked for a very powerful server, over $6000 but it was for a single purpose, just to run a database.

So we came up with a plan. Since we are an Amazon partner, let us see if we can virtualize the SQL database and get the same performance or better.

We logged into our AWS, ramped up exactly what the software people wanted, and began the install. Total time: 3 hours.


Using AWS Instead of the Standalone

3 hours it all it took to start up the server, install it, adjust the RDP settings and voila! Done. The server has been operational for over 2 months, stabile, easy to access and the client has 100% uptime INCLUDING outages by their ISP. That is impressive.

The software company is so impressed that they are recommending Triton Technologies to clients who are apprehensive about the cost of their own server. The cost of an Amazon server: $125 per month. Cost of the stand alone AFTER install: $8500.


Saving Money with a Private Server and Managed IT

Amazon virtual private servers aren’t for everyone, but they are available for all tasks large and small. For this client, it saved LITERALLY thousands of dollars, gave them the reliability they needed and the performance which they could afford.


Want to learn more about AWS and how Managed IT can help you run your business smarter, not costlier? Contact us.

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