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Traditionally for many decades computers utilized hard drives that physically moved. Round platters would store our information and read heads would move back and forth to access that information. When it came out, it was revolutionary. But like all good things, time moves on. In the last decade, we have been moving to a technology that does not physically move distorts data. SSD drives when they came out promised no moving parts, low power consumption, and would increase the data speed to the bus of the computer. They had one significant drawback, cost. As time moved on and manufacturing advanced, production and cost per part has plummeted.


Equipping SSDs for an Office

This past November we had a rash of hard drives start to die out on us from our clients and our internal network. So we began to order hard drives, and what we found was the SSD drives were just slightly more than the traditional drives. So we ordered a dozen and began to replace the hard drives of our internal network. The speed differential just on the reformatting and the boot time was explosive. So we reformatted all the workstations to Windows 10 Pro with SSD drives from Samsung.


Tripling Laptop Battery Life

The results are absolutely spectacular. On the laptops that we replaced them on the average power consumption would make the laptop last up to 4 hours with minimal use. After reformatting just with an SSD drive, we get an average of 12 hours of standard use. Nothing else was changed out.


A SSD Product to Look Out For: Optane

Now Intel will be releasing a product called Optane. This combines the traditional SSD drive with onboard system memory. No longer will we have to worry about programs running on the memory to transfer to the hard drive through a slow system bus, it will have direct access. Initial reports show an average of 25 to 50% increase of speed just changing out the hard drive alone.


So going forward, we are recommending that any hard drive issues, replacements, upgrades, or expansion for computers and laptops to have SSD drives. The speed versus cost is extremely beneficial. So when looking for new computer or server, we extremely recommend choosing SSD drives. If you’re interested in learning more about this or other replacement suggestions or services, contact Triton Technologies today.

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