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Ringing in the Cyber-Year: A New Year’s Tale in IT

A New Year’s Eve in the Land of IT: A Networking Ballad

As the New Year approaches, let’s embark on a satirical journey through the world of IT, networking, and cybersecurity, where managed services and compliance jargon meet festive cheer in a whimsical poem.


In the land where networks sprawl and sprawl,
Where firewalls rise, and vulnerabilities fall,
The IT wizards, in their techy nook,
Prepared for New Year’s, with one last look.

“Check the servers!” cried one with glee,
“Before the clock strikes, let’s virus-free!”
They scurried about with cables and screens,
In a world where data reigns supreme.

In a server room, all shiny and bright,
Blinked LED lights, in the New Year’s night.
Patch panels hummed a harmonious song,
While routers and switches sang along.

The clock struck twelve, and fireworks flew,
But in the land of IT, there was work to do.
Monitoring systems, with a vigilant eye,
Ensuring no malware would creep or spy.

In a corner stood a jolly old tech,
Whose beard was as long as his latest spec.
He chuckled and chortled, “My dear friends,
Our network’s secure, the fun never ends!”

With managed IT services, so sleek and so grand,
Compliance was met, as regulations demand.
Yet, in his heart, he knew the truth well,
Cyber threats lurk, in each byte and cell.

So here’s to the IT crews, far and wide,
Who work through the New Year’s festive tide.
May your networks be safe, and your data sound,
As the New Year’s bells of cybersecurity resound.

Let’s raise our glasses, to the digital sphere,
Where bytes dance merrily, year to year.
For in this world of code and of net,
A safer cyberspace is the best bet yet!


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