Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud: Why Infrastructure is Going Virtual

An increasing trend in our client infrastructure sales as costs plunge.

We’ve said it before and will say it again: everything is going in the cloud. Servers, workstations, environments, virtual private networks are all heading into the cloud. It is very rare for us right now to sell an actual physical computer. With the very low cost of cloud-based servers, proliferation and legal requirements for firewalls, and the ability to purchase what you need and not what you want makes the cloud an extremely cheap investment.

Why Our Clients are Happy in the Cloud

Most of our clients have products in the cloud, if not most of their infrastructure. Problems such as hardware failure, performance, storage are now a thing of the past. Upgrades modifications and reallocation of resources now happen in a click instead of a month.

The Lowering Costs of Cloud Infrastructure

And it’s getting cheaper. Since 2006 when Amazon started offering their AWS services, they have reduced their prices 90 times. That’s not a misquote or misprint. They have dropped their prices almost 100 times. And they will continue to do so. It’s why we love them, among other things. As the cloud gets cheaper, we are advising our clients to get their heads in the cloud and to resolve a lot of their hardware issues quickly.

Learn More About Moving to the Cloud

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